P.S. The shirt says "not milk"

I am a writer/editor who is a vegan/animal lover who also happens to love movies and entertainment in general.  I have experience writing movie reviews, both on a personal blog and on various websites; I attended numerous advanced screenings while living in Boston 2010-11.  I have written everything from newspaper articles to short stories to even a couple of [unpublished] novels, and everything in-between. I’m working on two separate TV pilots (one sci-fi/dystopian, and one that takes place both in contemporary times and in the past). 

I have always loved animals, but I didn’t stop eating meat until September of 2016, when I finally realized that it didn’t make sense to eat the animals I’d want to be my friends.  Then, in July of 2017, I made the switch to veganism, having learned the horrors of the dairy industry.  I soon also became aware of the environmental and health benefits of this lifestyle, and now aim to inspire others to follow my path — though I don’t force it on them. 

This website is my attempt at merging my writing skills with both my love for animals and veganism with my equal passion for cinema. Most of my reviews will be fairly straightforward, with perhaps a few shout-outs to veganism thrown in there.  

I’ve been a volunteer at Foster Parrots in Rhode Island since 2013.  Please support this wonderful organization if you can; we house approximately 400 birds (including macaws, cockatoos, and parakeets), along with tortoises, Patagonian cavies, and peacock. While parrots really shouldn’t be pets, many of our birds are so human-bonded that they crave socialization. (I’m a crazy cockatoo lady, as evidenced in the photo above). 

Also, I was diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome just a month or so before my 23rd birthday — after I’d already graduated from college, and had spent over two decades struggling with social issues, anxiety, and other things. It was more of a sigh of a relief than anything else, as I finally had a reason for my oddities. Then, in 2019, shortly after my 32nd birthday, I received an official autism spectrum diagnosis from a professional. The term Asperberger’s is essentially obsolete, so I prefer to just say I’m on the autism spectrum. Plus, now, it’s actually pretty cool to be different. 

Please contact me if you have any questions, comments, or anything you’d like to share with me. You can also email me at alyssachristian87@gmail.com, or find me on social media (top right).