MCU: Ant-Man

Best Line: “Scott, I need you to be the Ant-Man.” (Hank to Scott)
Funniest Line: “Is that a camera on an ant? Sure, why not?” (Scott)
Worst Line: “Would it kill ya to call me ‘Dad?'” (Hank to Hope)
Villain: Yellowjacket/Darren
Villain Grade: B-
Film Grade: B+
Rotten Tomatoes Score: 82%
My Opinion (after latest viewing): Improved
Best Relationship: Scott ad his daughter
Worst Relationship: Hank and Darren
Best Casting: Paul Rudd
Worst Casting: N/A
Best Crying: Evangeline Lilly
Worst Accent: N/A
Saddest Death: Antony
Best Scene: Luis’ montage of how he found out about the job
Worst Scene: Opening scene in 1989 with poor CGI
Best Moment: Scott escaping the quantum realm to be with his daughter
Worst Moment: Darren vaporizes higher-up after he says Yellowjacket is no-go and wipes him up while saying he still has to work out a few bugs
Stan Lee Cameo: “Yeah crazy stupid fine,” in Luis’ montage at the end
Other Cameos: Garrett Morris, Anthony Mackie, Chris Evans, Sebastian Stan
Mid-Credits Scene: Hank shows Hope the Wasp suit
Post-Credits Scene: Cap, Bucky, and Falcon — “I know a guy”
Best Use of Music: Drums during Luis’ montages
Year Released: 2015
Year Takes Place: 2015-16
Vegan Notes: Minus–killing goats to test shrinking tech (Hope thought they were using mice, which is just as bad)
Twists: Darren is working with Hydra; Mrs. Pym isn’t dead — she vanished into the quantum realm
Funniest Character: Luis
Realist Moment: Luis mentioning Leonardo DiCaprio in Titanic
I Tear Up When: N/A
Oscar Nods: N/A
Scene Stealer: Michael Pena