2022 Oscar Predictions

In just a few hours, we will know the winners of the 94th Academy Awards, airing at 8 p.m. EST on ABC. There are have been numerous controversies and complaints regarding The Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences (AMPAS), but I won’t get into that right now. Instead, I will do my best to make predictions for all of the 23 categories, which should be aired lived (OK, I guess I will get into it a little), along with possible spoilers and who/what I’d like to see win. Let’s see how I do! 

Ranking the Oscar Winners of the Last 10 Years

Now that the winners of the [much-delayed] 93rd Academy Awards have been announced, I decided to take a look at the winners — in all categories — from the past 10 years (the 2011-2020 seasons) and rank them. I will at some point also post a full Oscar history ranking, although there are many films I have yet to see (mainly older ones). 

Reviewing the 2021 Oscar-Nominated Documentaries

When Oscar nominations were announced last week, the Documentary Feature category was among the most surprising; acclaimed docs like Dick Johnson Is Dead, All In, and Boys State were all shut out, in favor of five diverse films, ranging from terrific to a disappointing and ineffective. Here are my reviews of the nominees, in order from best to worst. 

2021 Oscar Predictions

I’ve used some fancy, schmancy math — based on nominees’ previous wins and total nominations thus far — as well as my knowledge of what the Academy tends to like, in order to predict the nominees. Hopefully, the nominees will be more diverse and representative of what America looks like now.