MCU: Iron Man 2

Best line: “She did quite the spread on Tony last year.” (Pepper, about the reporter who Tony slept with)
Funniest line: “Sir, I’m gonna have to ask you to exit the donut.” (Fury, to Tony)
Worst line: “Is this dirty enough for you?” (Nat to Tony)
Villain: Whiplash/Hammer
Villain Grade: B+
Film Grade: A-
Rotten Tomatoes Score: 73%
My opinion (after latest viewing): Improved
Best relationship: Tony and Pepper
Worst relationship: N/A
Best Casting: Mickey Rourke
Worst casting: N/A
Best crying: Mickey Rourke
Worst accent: N/A
Saddest death: N/A
Best scene: Tony’s crazy, drunken birthday party
Worst scene: Black widow’s introduction
Best moment: A hungover Tony eating on top of a large donut
Worst moment: Tony and Nat’s awkwardly flirty chat before his birthday party
Stan Lee cameo: Larry King
Other cameo(s): Kate Mara, Elon Musk
Mid-Credit Scene: N/A
Post Credit Scene: Thor’s hammer is discovered in New Mexico, and Agent Coulson gets a call about it
Best Use(s) of Music: “Another One Bites the Dust” (Queen) when Tony and Rhodey are fighting
Year Released: 2010
Year(s) Takes Place: 2008-9
Vegan Notes/Warnings: Minus–Justin Hammer and Whiplash eat fish; Plus–Whiplash treats birds well, and they seem to get along
Twist(s): Nat is actually a Shield agent; Hammer has been selling weapons to bad guys
Funniest Character(s): Tony
Realist Moment: Tony being very hungover while talking to Fury and NatĀ 
I Tear Up When: N/A
Oscar Nod(s): Visual Effects
Scene Stealer(s): Samuel L. JacksonĀ