MCU: Iron Man 3

Best Line: “I’m the best.” (Tony, when he does something really cool as Iron Man)
Funniest line: “Please don’t tell me there’s a 12-year-old kid in the car I don’t know about.” (Tony, to his former one-night stand, Maya)
Worst line: “I’m gonna sleep downstairs. Tinker with that.” (Pepper to Tony, after one of his suits attacks her)
Villain: The Mandarin/Killian
Villain Grade: B+
Film Grade: A-
Rotten Tomatoes Score: 80%
My Opinion (after latest viewing): Improved
Best Relationship: Tony and Harley
Worst Relationship: Tony and Maya
Best Casting: Ben Kingsley
Worst Casting: N/A
Best Crying: N/A
Worst Accent: N/A
Saddest Death: N/A
Best Scene: Tony as Iron Man saving all 13 passengers from the plane
Worst Scene: Pepper and Maya’s hear-to-heart before Maya betrays her
Best Moment: Tony sitting next to his suit on the couch
Worst Moment: Maya’s death
Stan Lee Cameo: Holding up his number at an auction on TV
Other Cameo(s): Shaun Toub, Mark Ruffalo
Mid-Credit Scene: N/A
Post-Credit Scene: Tony finishing his story, talking to Bruce, who wasn’t really listening
Best Use(s) of Music: Eiffel 65’s “Blue” at the beginning during the flashback
Year Released: 2011
Year(s) Takes Place: 1999; 2011
Vegan Notes: N/A
Twist(s): The Mandarin isn’t actually real, and was created by Killian, and portrayed by British actor Trevor
Funniest Character: Tony
Realist Moment: Tony dealing with anxiety attacks/PTSD from New York
I Tear Up When: Tony saves all 13 people from the plane by having them hold onto each other
Oscar Nod(s): Visual Effects
Scene Stealer(s): Ben Kingsley