MCU: Captain Marvel (2019)

Best Line: “This isn’t about fighting wars; it’s about ending them.”
Funniest Line: “We talking cheek swab or urine sample?” (Fury)
Worst Line: “You do know why they call it a cockpit, don’t ya?” (Guy from Carol’s memory, at a bar, insinuating that women aren’t meant to be pilots)
Villains: Kree
Villain Grade: A-
Film Grade: A
Rotten Tomatoes Score: 78%
My Opinion (after latest viewing): Unchanged
Best Relationship: Carol and Maria
Worst Relationship: N/A
Best Casting: Brie Larson
Worst Casting: N/A
Best Fight: Carol vs. the old lady (who’s actually a Skull)
Best Crying: Brie Larson
Worst Accent: N/A
Saddest Death: N/A
Best Scene: Carol on Earth (pre-memory retrieval) wandering through Blockbuster and the parking lot
Worst Scene: N/A
Best moment: Carol crashing into a Blockbuster
Worst Moment: Anytime Carol is told to keep her emotions in check
Stan Lee Cameo: As himself, on bus, going over his lines for Mallrats
Other Cameos: Chris Evans, Don Cheadle, Scarlett Johansson
Mid-Credits Scene: The remaining Avengers looking at Fury’s pager and getting a visit from Carol, who says, “where’s Fury?”
Post-Credits Scene: Goose throwing up the Tessaract
Best Use of Music: No Doubt’s “Just a Girl” while Carol fights the Kree
Year Released: 2019
Years Take Place: 1995; 2018
Vegan Notes: N/A
Twists: The Kree are the bad guys; Carol is 100% human, and got powers after absorbing the energy core
Funniest Character: Fury
Realist moment: Slow ’90s internet
I Tear Up When: Stan Lee’s cameos are in the Marvel logo; Maria tells Carol who she really is
Oscar Nods: N/A
Scene Stealer: Goose