MCU: The Avengers (2011)

Best Line: “Genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist.” (Tony, when Steve asks what he is without the suit)
Funniest line: “I understood that reference.” (Steve, about flying monkeys)
Worst line: “I’ll persuade you.” (Nat to Bruce)
Villain: Loki
Villain Grade: A
Film Grade: A
Rotten Tomatoes Score: 92%
My Opinion (after latest viewing): Unchanged
Best Relationship: The Avengers
Worst Relationship: N/A
Best Casting: N/A
Worst Casting: N/A
Best Crying: N/A
Worst Accent: N/A
Saddest Death: Agent Coulson (supposed)
Best Scene: Black Widow interrogating the Russians
Worst Scene: N/A
Best Moment: 360 of the Avengers all suited up and ready to fight, looking badass
Worst Moment: Nat bringing up her red ledger to Clint
Stan Lee Cameo: “Superheroes? In New York? Give me a break.”
Other Cameo(s): Harry Dean Stanton
Mid-Credit Scene: Thanos
Post-Credit Scene: The Avengers, exhausted, eating Shwarma
Best Use(s) of Music: ACDC’s “Shoot to Thrill” on Tony’s entrance
Year Released: 2011
Year(s) Takes Place: 2011
Vegan Notes: Minus–Avengers eating shwarma
Twist(s): Thanos has been pulling the strings (on Loki and the attack in New York)
Funniest Character: Tony
Realist Moment: The Avengers, looking exhausted, eating shwarma
I Tear Up When: N/A
Oscar Nod(s): Visual Effects
Scene Stealer(s): Loki