Rating System

So, how exactly do I rate the movies, tv shows, etc. that I watch?  I prefer to use letter grades, which brings me back to school and my obsession with achieving straight-As (especially in middle and high school).  When posting on Letterboxd, I’ll use the star system, but it doesn’t exactly match up to my letter-grading system.  Here’s my personal rating system:

A+ (*****) = Flawless in every way, a true masterpiece. These are usually the easiest reviews to write, because all I’m doing is raving about the film, instead of nit-picking certain things.

A (*****) = Not perfect, but close; a terrific film that should probably be considered for multiple Oscars.

A- (****1/4) = Very well-made; though far from perfect,  a film I’d willingly (and will probably) watch again. 

B+ (****) = Enjoyable and interesting; would recommend  and might watch again, but wouldn’t seek it out. 

B (***1/2) = Decent and watchable, but not terrible; probably won’t see again. 

B- (***) = Very close to being bad; this is when my reviews tend to be lengthier, because I find more things wrong with the films.

C+ (**1/2) = Fairly bad, not worth your time and money; would urge others not to see.

C (**) = Poorly-made, with much to dislike; I rarely assign grades lower than this, because if something’s really bad then I may have to stop watching it. 

C-/D+ (*1/2) = A near-failure; a badly-made film. 

D (*) = At this point, I’m wishing to get back the money and/or time spent watching this disaster of a film.

D- (1/2*) = Why did this sh*t get made? How? 

F (0 *) = See above, times 100.