MCU: Avengers: Endgame (2019) Best Line: “I…am Iron Man.”Funniest Line: “So he’s an idiot?” (Rhodey to Nebula, about Quill)Worst Line: N/AVillain: ThanosVillain Grade: A+Film Grade: A+Rotten Tomatoes Score: 94%My Opinion (after latest viewing): UnchangedBest Relationship: The AvengersWorst Relationship: N/ABest Casting: N/AWorst Casting: N/ABest Fight: Cap, The Avengers, Guardians, Wakandans, etc. vs. Thanos et. Read More

MCU: Captain Marvel (2019) Best Line: “This isn’t about fighting wars; it’s about ending them.”Funniest Line: “We talking cheek swab or urine sample?” (Fury)Worst Line: “You do know why they call it a cockpit, don’t ya?” (Guy from Carol’s memory, at a bar, insinuating that women aren’t meant to be pilots)Villains: KreeVillain Grade: Read More