MCU: Thor: The Dark World (2012) Best Line: “You must be truly┬ádesperate to think you can come to me for help.” (Loki, when Thor visits him in jail)Funniest line: “Look at you, all muscly and everything. How’s space?” (Darcy, to Thor when he returns to Earth)Worst line: “Please, don’t make this worse.”Villain: Malekith/Dark ElvesVillain Grade: Read More

MCU: Thor

Best line: “It’s a good look.” (Jane, when Thor reveals his new-to-her God look) Funniest line: “Whoa, does he need CPR? ‘Cause I totally know CPR.” (Darcy, to Jane, after seeing how handsome Thor is) Worst line: “Run home, little princess.” (To Jane?) Villain: Loki Villain Grade: A Film Grade: Read More