MCU: Thor: The Dark World (2012)

Best Line: “You must be truly¬†desperate to think you can come to me for help.” (Loki, when Thor visits him in jail)
Funniest line: “Look at you, all muscly and everything. How’s space?” (Darcy, to Thor when he returns to Earth)
Worst line: “Please, don’t make this worse.”
Villain: Malekith/Dark Elves
Villain Grade: C
Film Grade: C+
Rotten Tomatoes Score: 66%
My Opinion (after latest viewing): Unchanged
Best Relationship: Thor and Loki
Worst Relationship: Thor and Jane
Best Casting: N/A
Worst Casting: Christopher Eccleston
Best Crying: N/A
Worst Accent: Jaime Alexander
Saddest Death: Friga
Best Scene: Thor and Loki secretly escaping Asgard
Worst Scene: Jane exploring the ether and getting possessed
Best Moment: Loki sitting in his jail cell reading a book while people fight outside
Worst Moment: Lady Siff giving Jane evil-is side-eye
Stan Lee Cameo: “Yeah. Can I have my shoe back?” (After Selvig gives a lecture to a bunch of old people)
Other Cameo(s): Chris O’Dowd, Chris Evans, Benicio del Toro
Mid-Credit Scene: Siff bringing the Soul Stone to the Collector
Post-Credit Scene: Jane reuniting with Thor, and then a weird creature seen running through the parking lot
Best Use(s) of Music: N/A
Year Released: 2012
Year(s) Takes Place: 2012
Vegan Notes: Minus–Jane and her date are about to order fish; Plus–Vegan actress Natalie Portman
Twist(s): Loki pretends to betray Thor; Loki is actually not dead (again)
Funniest Character: Darcy
Realist Moment: Jane’s awkward first date
I Tear Up When: N/A
Oscar Nod(s): N/A
Scene Stealer(s): Tom Hiddleston