Review: Mulan (2020)

Like other 2020 films, Mulan underwent numerous delays, with its intention to to be released last spring, was then delayed until the fall, at which point it was released only on Disney+ as an approximately $30 rental (in addition to the subscription fee). Then, it was available for all Disney+ subscribers, and I’m glad I didn’t have to pay the extra [rather high] fee to watch it. While it is better than some people are saying, it’s not all that revelatory or mind-blowing.

Review: On the Rocks (2020)

I was semi-excited to see On the Rocks, because I knew Sofia Coppola was a talented storyteller — Lost in Translation is so original and clever, and Marie Antoinette is a unique take on the famed figure — and I was curious to see Bill Murray in a new role, which some deemed as his best work since his [sole] Oscar-nominated performance in Lost in Translation. And, while I was impressed with Murray’s work here, I found the film to be incredibly disappointing and a waste of my time, despite only being 96 minutes long.