Farm Animal Rescues

Listed alphabetically by country/state

*Note: Not all of the sanctuaries below are vegan-owned and not all may promote a vegan lifestyle.*

Animalia Sanctuary
Ashram Sanctuary
Aussie Fur n Feathers
Austin’s Haven
Back 2 Earth
Barnyard Betty’s Rescue
A Better Life Animal Sanctuary
Big Ears Animal Sanctuary
Big Sky Sanctuary
Blackwood Fields
Bodhi Glow
Brisbane Hen Rescue
Christmas Cove Animal Sanctuary
Contented Pig Inn Sanctuary
Cora Hen Haven
The Cow With No Tail
Cranky’s Farm
Crow’s Keep
Deathrow Unchained Animal Rescue
Deep Peace Trust
Dianella Animal Sanctuary
Disposable Heroes Rooster Sanctuary
Donkey Rescue
Dreamer’s Hen Rescue
Edgar’s Mission
Fairview Lodge Animal Shelter
Farm Animal Rescue
Farm Animal Rescue Dayboro
Featherheads Tasmania
Forever Friends
Forget Me Not Animal Sanctuary
Freedom Hill Sanctuary
Free Hearts Animal Sanctuary
Free Spirits Farm
Forever Farm
Forever Friends Animal Rescue
Freedom Hill Sanctuary
Furcy & Friends
Furever Farm
Furfalls Rescue
Fur Gnarl Animal Sanctuary
Georgie’s Place
Good Samaritan Donkey Rescue
Greener Pastures Sanctuary
Happily Heifer After Sanctuary
Happy Hooves Farm Sanctuary
Hay Animal Rescue
Henny Pennies Chicken Rescue
The Hoofies
JD’s Farm Sanctuary
JMH Little Farm Rescue
Kindly Animal Sanctuary
Kirby’s Calf Rescue
Kind Pastures
Kindred Spirit Sanctuary
Kodhi Sanctuary
Lamb Care Australia
Lefty’s Place
Liberation Sanctuary
Little Farm Down the Lane
Little Farm of Sunshine
Little Oak Sanctuary
Live Free Sanctuary
Loki’s Lodge
Lucky Stars Sanctuary
Maisey’s Rescue Farm
Mandalong Animal Sanctuary
Maridan’s Menagerie
Melbourne Chicken Rescue
Melbourne Earthwork Sanctuary
Michelle Ark Animal Rescue
Mighty Misfits Animal Rescue
Mini Tails
Moo to Ewe
Mudge Roo Emu Farm
New Govardhana Cows
New Life for Animals Rescue
NSW Hen Rescue
Orphan Lamb Rescue
Owl & Pussycat
Paradise Pastures Sheep Rescue & Sanctuary
Paws Wings Fins & Hooves Animal Sanctuary
Peaceful Paddocks
Peanuts Wellbeing Sanctuary
Perth Chickens
A Place of Peace
Possum Valley Animal Sanctuary
A Poultry Place
Rangeland Goat Rescue & Rehoming
Rise Up Animal Rescue
RN Livestock Rescue
Rose’s Refuge
The Safe Haven
Sanctuary of Sentient Beings
Save a Cow Foundation
Shear Existence
Small Paws Animal Rescue
Smart Rescue
Soul Kindle Sanctuary
Starlights Sanctuary
Strathlea Hills
Strong Hearts Sanctuary
Sugarshine Farm
Summer Farm Cow Sanctuary
Sunny Corner Farm Sanctuary
Sunshine Coast Animal Rescue
Tasmanian Duck & Poultry Rescue
Till the Cows Come Home
Tonie’s Raynebow
Victorian Lamb Rescue
Wanderosa Farm
Warnes Animal Rescue & Retirement Farm
Where Pigs Fly Farm Sanctuary
Whisker Woods Sanctuary
Who Gives a Cluck?
Wibo & Bear Farm
Wind Dance Animal Sanctuary

Ain’t Much Acres
All Souls Animal Rescue
All Things Hooved
Alma Bonita Animal Rescue
Alpaca & Llama Rescue
Alpaca Share
American Made Miniatures
Animal Messenger Sanctuary
Animal Party Rescue
Animal Place
The Animal Rescue Alliance
At the Ranch
Bear Ridge Ranch
Bella Vista Farms
Betsy’s Pig Rescue
Blackberry Creek
Bleating Hearts Farm
Brocklee Pig Sanctuary
Buster’s Barn
California Llama Sanctuary
California Pig Rescue & Transport
Canham Farm
Cape Animals
Charlie’s Acres
Clearwater Farm & Animal Rescue
Come Back Ranch Animal Sanctuary
Downer Ranch Animal Rescue & Sanctuary
Dream Sanctuary
Farm Animal Refuge
Farmhouse Rescue
Farm Sanctuary
First Ladies Farm
Fortuna Ranch Farm Sanctuary
Foster Farm Animal Sanctuary
Friends of Philip
Funky Chicken Rescue
Genevieve’s Gentle Hearts Rescue
Gentle Barn
Goat Rescue & Sanctuary of Sonoma County
The Good Shepherd
Grateful Heart Animal Sanctuary
Grazin’ Pig Acres
Greener Pastures Sanctuary
Happy Hen Chicken Rescue
Happy Valley Goat Sanctuary
Hart Song
Harvest Home Animal Sanctuary
H Branch Donkey Rescue
Healing Souls Rescue
Hee Haw Place Donkey Rescue
Hen Harbor
Herd and Flock Animal Sanctuary
H H Animal Farm & Rescue
Hidden Hills Ranch
Hooves & Paws
Hooves Hope Love
Horn Creek Halo Rescue
Jameson Humane
Kindred Spirits Care Farm
King Wolf Animal Sanctuary
Lazy M Rescue Ranch
Legend Animal Rescue
Libby Lou’s Safe Haven
Lilly’s Animal Sanctuary
Little Bitty Animal Sanctuary
Little Hill Sanctuary
Love Always Sanctuary
Love Creek Sanctuary
Loveland Farm Sanctuary
Loving Farm
Magnolia Hill Farm
Mara Farms Sanctuary
Marsha’s Farm
Martha’s Farm Animal Sanctuary
Moo to Ewe
New Life Animal Sanctuary
New Tree Ranch
Noah’s Arc Animal Sanctuary
Nor Cal Animal Sanctuary Alliance
One Living Sanctuary
Only Sunshine Sanctuary
The Open Barn
Oscar’s Place
Pacific Waterfowl Rescue
Pastures of Peace
Pez Farm
Piece of Peace Animal
Pet Place International
Phunny Pharm Farm Animal Rescue
Pig Luv Co.
Preeti Rang Sanctuary
Project: THRIVE
Ranch Mama Rescue
Rancho Burro Donkey Sanctuary
Rancho Compassion
Rancho Roben Rooster Rescue
R&R Family Farm & Animal Sanctuary
Rebel Ranch Rescue
Riverbend Refuge
Rocky Ridge Rescue
Roesch Ranch Farm Animal Rescue
Ruby’s Purpose
Sale Ranch
San Diego Farm Animal Rescue
Saving Animals & Healing Hearts
Saving Grace Animal Sanctuary
Sheepy Hollow Sanctuary
Sierra Rescue Farm
Snorty’s of Santa Cruz Mini Pig Rescue
Steampunk Farms
Sunflower Livestock Sanctuary
Sweet Farm
Swine Country Mini Pig Rescue
Tales From the Mutiny
Three Little Birds Farm Sanctuary
Twisted Spur Ranch Rescue
Unicorn Ranch Rescue
Vargas Ranch
Villa Chardonnay
Viva Global Rescue
Viva Rescue
When Pigs Fly RanchWildheart Farm Sanctuary
Wild Pines Sanctuary
Wild Tender Ranch Rescue
Wonder Farm
Zinger Ranch

The Alice Sanctuary
All Creatures Rescue
Animals’ Souls Restored
Arion Therapeutic Farm
Ass Menagerie Sanctuary
Beaver Creek Farm
Big Sky Ranch
Black Goat Farm Sanctuary
Brae Ridge Farm
Carroll’s Animal Sanctuary & Rescue
Cedar Row Farm Sanctuary
Charlotte’s Freedom Farm
Coveted Kennels
Coyote Farm
Critter Aid
Dara Farm Sanctuary
The Donkey Sanctuary
Dottie’s Comrades
Eden’s Way Farm
Farm Animal Rescue and Rehoming Movement
Farmhouse Garden Animal Home
Fit Kitty Farm
Foster Farm Sanctuary
Freedom Farms Animal Sanctuary
Ghostfart Manor
Glo Farm
The Good Place
Greyshaven Farm Sanctuary
Happily Ever Esther Sanctuary
Happy Herd
Happy Tales Animal Sanctuary
Harmony Farms Micro Pig Breeders & Rescue
Haven of the Heart
Hearts on Noses Sanctuary
Holy Cow Farm Sanctuary
Home Free Farm
Horn Refuge
Kindred Farm
Kismet Creek Farm
Kitchen Sink Rescue
Lady Bird Animal Sanctuary
Lailo Farm Sanctuary
Land O’Lakes Rescue Petting Farm/
Last Resort for Animals
Ledwich Family Farm
Littleoinkbank Pig Sanctuary
Llama Sanctuary
Love of Brian Farm Sanctuary
The Lucky Ones Farm Sanctuary
Mel’s Farm
Milo’s Mission Microsanctuary
North Mountain Animal Sanctuary
PEACE Canada
Pegasus Sanctuary
Penny Lane Farm Sanctuary
RASTA Rescue
Pie Bird Sanctuary
Primrose Donkey Sanctuary
Promised Land Sanctuary
Pumpkin Sanctuary
Rainbow Rangers Station
Ralphy’s Retreat
Refuge Ranch Rescue
Regan’s Refuge
Rescue Ranch
Roy & Cher
Safe Haven Farmstead
Serendipity Alpacas
Silly Goat Sanctuary
Silver Willow Farm Sanctuary
Stars Piggly Wiggly Sanctuary
Storybook Farm Animal Sanctuary
Sultan Farm Sanctuary
Sweet Acres Pig Sanctuary
Three Little Birds Farm Sanctuary
Triple C Farm
Twin Heart Animal Sanctuary
Vegan Animal Sanctuary
Wallflower Sanctuary
Wishing Well Sanctuary

Alaqua Animal Refuge
All Creatures Safe Haven
Alyssa’s Animal Sanctuary
Aurelia’s Animal Sanctuary
Barky Pines Animal Rescue
Black Forest Farm
Blissful Acres
Blue Jay Animal Sanctuary
Bowling Acres Farm Rescue
Chesapeake Farm Sanctuary
CJ Acres
Critter Creek Farm Sanctuary
Cyprus Hollow Homestead
Darlynn’s Darlins Rescue Ranch
Dharma Bears Rescue
Dixie Dreams Animal Sanctuary
Epic Outreach
Farmhouse Sanctuary
First Ladies Farm
The Flock and the Herd
Florida Rescue Farm
Florida Rescue Ranch
Friends Not Food Rescue
For Them Farm
Frith Fields Farms
Goldsmith Fun-Size Farm
Hope Sound Farms Animal Sanctuary
Hog Heaven Pig Rescue & Boarding
Horsepower for Kids
Humane Haven Animal Sanctuary
JG Alpaca & Donkey Rescue
Joanie’s House
The Journey’s End Farm Sanctuary Inc.
Karma Farm Sanctuary
Kindred Spirits
KWWC Chickens
Ladybug Farm Sanctuary
Laughing Pig Sanctuary
Lemondrop Productions
Little Bear Sanctuary
Live Freely Sanctuary
Many Mouths
McCoy’s Equine & Farm
Megan’s Farm
Miami Animal Rescue
Mina’s Mini Farm
Murphy’s Rescue Ranch
Muscovy Sanctuary
Noah’s Ark Sanctuary
Noah’s Ark PBP Rescue
Noble Island
Norris Farm
Operation Liberation
Orlando Farm Rescue
PC Chicken Rescue
Peacefield Farm
Peaceful Pastures Ranch
Pigs and Pals
Pig Tails Rescue
Prissy and Pop
Promise Land Rescue
Quality of Life Rehab
Ravenwood Foundation
Refuge Ranch Animal Sanctuary
Rescue Life
Rhoade Ranch Rescue
Ricky’s Rescue Ranch
Rio’s Roost
Robert’s Girls Farm & Rescue
Rojo’s No-Harm Farm
Royal Duck Rescue
Safe Haven Farm Animal Rescue & Sanctuary Inc.
Sage Sanctuary
St. Francissus Rescue
Sanctuary at Soledad
Scars Animal Sanctuary
Shelter Farm Sanctuary
Shining Horse Farm
SPCA South Florida
Standing Goats Rescue
The Steger Family Ranch
Summerland Ranch & Rescue
Sunny Acres Rescue
Sunshine Grove Rescue
Tweeter’s Retreat
Useless Animal Farm
Wild Things Sanctuary
Yesahcan Sanctuary

United Kingdom
ABC Animal Sanctuary
Alpaca Sanctuary
Ananda Animal Sanctuary
Arborfield Sanctuary Charitable Trust
Bacchus Resident Sanctuary
Be Kind Vegan Farm
Bella and Brave
Beneath the Wood Sanctuary
Beryl’s Place Microsanctuary
Big Red Rooster
Blaikiewel Animal Sanctuary
Brenda the Chicken & Friends
Bright Eyes Sanctuary
Brinsley Animal Rescue
British Hen Welfare Trust
Buttercup Sanctuary for Goats
Caenhill Countryside Center
Charlie’s Place Rescue
Cheshire Backyard Barn
Chicken Rescue UK
Chloe’s Coop
CJB Hen & Duck Rescue
Clucky Hen Club
Coppershell Farm Sanctuary
Cow Sanctuary
Curly Tails
Dartford Animal Rescue
Dean Farm Trust
Dennis Duck Sanctuary
Donkey Rescue
The Donkey Sanctuary
Dovedale Animal Sanctuary
E17 Chickens
Elderberry Farm Sanctuary
Farm Animal Rescue Place
The Farm Animal Sanctuary
Feed My Sheep
The Field Shelter
Fleece Haven
Fleur’s Field Life
Flicka Foundation
Foal Farm
Free At Last
Freedom Farm Animal Sanctuary
Fresh Start for Hens
Friend Farm Animal Sanctuary
Goats Galore
The Goode Life
Goodheart Farm Animal Sanctuary
Green Acres Animal Sanctuary
Greenland Grove Animal Sanctuary
Half Penny Farmk
Happy Endings Rescue
The Happy Pants Ranch
Hayes Family Farm
Hen Chance
Hen-pecked Hens
Hen Sanctuary
Hope Farm Alpaca Rescue
Hugletts Wood Animal Sanctuary
Idlewild Animal Sanctuary
Isle of Wight Donkey Sanctuary
Ivy Animal Sanctuary
Knight’s Mead Animal Sanctuary
Last Resort Farm Animal Rescue
Liberty Animal Sanctuary
Lisa’s Poultry Rescue
Little Duck Farm
Little Hen Rescue
Little Nest Rescue
Llama Sanctuary
Lowveld Poultry Sanctuary
Lucky Hens Rescue
The Maggie Fleming Animal Hospice
Manor Farm Charitable Trust
Midland Poultry Rescue
Millington’s Magical Barn
The Moorside Chicks
Moss Burn Community Farm
New Forest Chicken Rescue
New Gokul Farm
New Hope Animal Rescue
New Horizons
Northfield Animal Haven
NSW Hen Rescue
Olcote Sanctuary
The Old Guardians Animal Rescue Centre
Oli’s Gang
Our Little Farm & Rescue
Pear Tree Farm Animal Sanctuary
Pony & Animal Sanctuary
Penny Lllamas
Pudz Animal Sanctuary
Radcliffe Donkey Sanctuary
The Rescue Ranch
Rescue in the Wood
Retreat Animal Rescue
Retreat into Wonderland/
Riverlink Donkeys and Animal Sanctuary
RSPCA Southridge
Sally’s Ducks
The Same Star Sheep Sanctuary
Second Chance Animal Rescue
Sheep Sanctuary
Sri Lakshmi Gaura Cow Sanctuary
Springwood Sanctuary
Sugarpuff Sanctuary
Sunlight Sanctuary
The Swan Sanctuary
Three Feathery Friends
Tower Hill Stables
Two Oaks Pony Sanctuary
Ty Mavis Animal Sanctuary
The Vegan Family Farm
Vegan Glamping
Viaduct Sanctuary
Wetheriggs Animal Rescue
Whitegate Sanctuary
Willows Animal Sanctuary
Wirral Donkey Sanctuary
Woodlands Animal Sanctuary
Wooly Patchwork Sheep Sanctuary

Angel Wings & Things
Bluebird Farms & Rescue
Briggs Family Sanctuary
Calavera Ranch
Celtic Sanctuary Farm
Chantz’s Legacy
The Chicken Math Animal Sanctuary
Chris P.’s Mini Pig Rescue
Cloud 9 Goats
CMJ Livestock Rescue
Cotton’s Freedom Farm
DB’s Small Farm Rescue
Diamond in the Ruff Farm Animal & Livestock Rescue
Donkey Hill Rescue
Dory’s Mini Farm & Rescue
Double Duck Rehab
Dreamrunner Farm Animal Sanctuary
Ellie Belle arm
Emily’s Rescue Farm
Fairwinds Farm & Rescue
Flint’s Goat Your Back
Flocking Rescue
Forever Farm Sanctuary
Fournier Farm Animal Sanctuary
Freyja’s Friends
Fulcrum Farm
Gee Gees Ranch & Rescue
Golden Hearts Livestock Rescue
Happy Hearts and Hooves
Hoofs & Paws Haven
Hope Farm & Sanctuary
The Howards Haven Animal Sanctuary
Johnson’s, A Safe Haven
Jordan Ranch Goat & Sheep Rescue
KD Farm Animal Sanctuary
Kindness Farm Kerry
Lady Ruth Alpaca Ranch
Liberty Hall Livestock Rescue
Little Chicken Sanctuary
Little Pigs at Home
Livestock Rescue
Los Perros Negros
Lucas’ Livestock Rescue & Rehab
Martha’s Farm Animal Sanctuary
Matty’s Farm Sanctuary
Mayhem & Misfits
Mountain Fiber Sanctuary
Moyer Farm Animal Rescue
Orphan Lamb Rescue
Pammie Sanctuary
Party Rats Animal Sanctuary
Phippin Farm & Refuge
A Pig’s Life & Friends
Pigs Pals & Posies
The Porbander Goshala Cow Sanctuary
Redgate Farm Animal Sanctuary
Rhonda Rescue Farm
Rosie’s Haven
Sacred Cow Animal Sanctuary
St. Andrew’s Sanctuary Farm
The Salty Barn
Sarah’s Cow Sanctuary
Save Your Soil
Second Chance Farm Sanctuary
Serene Farm Sanctuary
Shed Sanctuary
The Sheep Underground
Shirefjord Animal Sanctuary
South Mountain Microsanctuary
Sparwell Farm
Spoiled Rotten Ranch
Starlights Sanctuary
Stickhouse Sanctuary
Taha Ana Sanctuary
Three Little Pigs Rehoming Center
The Toy Farm
Turkey Chicken Bunny Rescue
Vegan Ciftlik
Waddling Waterfowels