Small Animal Rescues

*The term "small animal" includes guinea pigs, rabbits, hamsters, gerbils, sugar gliders, and the like*

New Hampshire
Our Sugar Gliders

North Dakota
Bandit & Friends

South Dakota
HB Hamsters

United Kingdom
April Lodge
Ashington Bunny Rescue
Ashetead Pet Boarding
Austin’s Hamster Haven
Bacchus Residents
Binky Buns Sanctuary
Black Wolf Hamster Rescue
Blues Rabbit & Guinea Pig Sanctuary
Broadmeadow Guinea Pig Rescue
Brockworth Hedgehog Rescue
Bunny Burrows
Bunny Rescue & Retirement Sanctuary
Celebunnies Rabbit Rescue
Chase Ferret Rescue
Clement Rabbit Rescue & Retreat
Divine Rodent Rescue
Drella’s Sanctuary for Gifted Rodents
Elliot’s Rodent Rescue
Fat Fluffs
Fluffy Butts
Fugly Rats & Rodent Rescue
Gerbil & Rodent Rescue
Greenfield Small Animal Rescue
Guinewigs Guinea Pig Rescue
Hamster Haven Rescue
Hamster Pocket Rescue
Happy Hamsters Rescue
Happy Paws Rodent Rescue
Hazelcroft Rescue
Hedgehog Rescue
Hope 4 Hoppers
Hugo’s Small Animal Rescue
Little Acre Bunny Rescue
Little Rat Rescue
Love Paws
Low Paws Rescue
Lucky Hedgehog Rescue
MacDonald Guinea Pigs
Mandy’s Rescue Guinea Pigs
Mandy’s Guinea Pig Rescue
The Mango Sanctuary
Milhaven Rescue
Mimi’s Rodent Rescue
North Hampshire Rabbits
Northumberland Guinea Pig & Rabbit Grooming & Guinea Pig Lodging
Nott’s Nibblers Rescue
Oakland’s Rodent Rescue
Oui Oui’s Wiggles Guinea Pig Rescue
Pickering Rodent Rescue
Piggie Pals Rescue
The Potteries Guinea Pig Rescue
Prickles & Paws
Prickly Pigs
Primrose Mouse Rescue
Prospect Ferret Rescue
Puddleducks Guinea Pig Rescue
Purbeck Ferret Rescue
Rabbit Rescue and Friends
Rat Rodent Rehoming
Rat Rescue Midlands
Rodent Rehab
Rodent Rescue Center
Rodent Run & Rescue
The Rodent Sanctuary Sussex
Sarandie’s Small Animal Rescue
Small Animal Rescue Coventry
Snuffles Sanctuary
South Cheshire Ferret Rescue
Stilling Fleet Hedgehog Rescue
Suffolk Rodent Rescue
Sycamore Rescue
Tiny Friends Rodent Rescue
Tiny Paws Hamster Rescue
Tiny Paws MCR
Seven Sassy Hamsters
Tees Valley Guinea Pig Rescue
Tinker Bella Rabbit Hotel
Tuckerbunnies Rabbit Sanctuary
Wild Hogs Hedgehog Rescue
Wolfpack Wiglets